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BNB to ETH Swap – Fast, Easy and without Registration

Binance Coin (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH) are among the most popular cryptocurrencies. More and more people are looking for a way to quickly and anonymously exchange BNB for ETH. Recently, many people have started using crypto swaps to do just that.

BNB to ETH Krypto Swaps

changenow krypto swap service


The ChangeNow crypto exchange is the largest platform to exchange crypto instantly and without registration. There you can also exchange crypto directly and anonymously into fiat currencies.

swapzone swap service


Swapzone is also a crypto exchange that especially supports users in comparing the best exchange rate from 15+ providers.

simpleswap swap service


SimpleSwap is also a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to switch BTC and altcoins in the easiest way possible. With 500 cryptocurrencies, SimpleSwap has a particularly large selection for trading.

+ 1 million satisfied customers ✓ Duration 5 min ✓ Buy Crypto with Fiat Service ✓ No swap limits ✓ Anonymous ✓ 24 hours live support ✓

With crypto swaps, you can exchange BNB to ETH without registration and swap too many other cryptocurrencies. Trading BNB with ETH via crypto swaps is anonymous and an alternative to centralized exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase or Bitpanda. If you don’t own a BNB you can pay there directly with a bank transfer or credit card. Crypto Swap exchanges are considered fast, uncomplicated, and decentralized and therefore offer many new opportunities.

BNB to ETH – How it works

To swap BNB for ETH, select a suitable crypto swap exchange. The exchange should be tested for security, fees, and speed either from our list or elsewhere before using it. The swap can be done from a PC as well as from a smartphone.


After entering the number of BNB to be changed in ETH, the process is explained in detail by the respective swap service. The exchange is similar on all swap platforms and works as follows.

  1. Enter the desired number of BNB.
  2. Enter the wallet address to receive ETH.
  3. Atomic Swap exchange (BNB is sent and ETH is received).
  4. The exchange is completed.

A profitable swap is not only fast, but also profitable thus with low fees. Each of the crypto swap providers we present shows the transaction fees incurred in advance. In case of difficulties, the transaction can be canceled or technical customer support can be called. This is otherwise not possible with any crypto exchanges and not even on crypto exchanges.

Explanation of a crypto swap exchange

A swap is required for every swap of coins from different blockchains such as BNB to ETH. This is possible either with centralized crypto trading exchanges, e.g. Binance or decentralized with crypto swaps. Since BNB and ETH are on different networks (blockchains), a decentralized swap with e.g. Uniswap or Pancakeswap is not possible.

bnb eth swap

A swap exchange offers the possibility to exchange coins of different blockchains from BNB into ETH. Swap exchanges are especially popular among users with software wallets such as Trustwallet. On Trustwallet it is not possible to swap coins directly among each other. Therefore, in this case, many users use a swap exchange. The ranking of presented swap providers is regularly reviewed and updated for price performance, usability and security.

The exchange is similar to the atomic swap principle. The crypto swap exchanges themselves provide liquidity for the exchange and then select the best exchange rate. In a swap, the swap exchange automatically calculates the best possible exchange rate and then waits for the user to act.

swap btc to eth

The swap from BNB to ETH is anonymous. You don’t have to register, nor are you required to disclose any personal information. With the crypto swap service, you can either swap coins or buy and sell with fiat, which would otherwise only be possible via a centralized crypto trading platform.

On a crypto swap exchange, you can buy cryptocurrencies using credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, and bank transfer. Users can make unlimited transactions, choosing from over 200 different coins.

NBB to ETH Swap Exchange Trading

Anyone who wants to trade BNB and ETH must first choose a trading platform. On a traditional crypto exchange, you can buy crypto-only after the registration process. On a swap exchange, you can trade ETH and BNB without registration.

The BNB/BTC chart from Tradingview is suitable for trading. The chart view provides useful tools for the investor to switch to BNB at the best time. Users can watch the price changes there in real-time mode. This data is useful to identify the current trend in the crypto market and thus increases the chance for profitable trading.

bnb zu eth chart

Crypto trading platforms and swap exchanges are unregulated businesses. In the crypto space, many companies trade independently of guidelines and the law. Therefore, it is even more important to check the respective trading platforms. That is why we have compared the best swap providers here for security, fees and speed and set up this comparison of the best swap providers.

FAQ: 13 questions about swap exchanges

How does the swap from BNB to ETH in Trustwallet work?

In Trustwallet, you cannot trade coins with each other. Either centralized via e.g. Binance or Coinbase. Or decentralized via a swap exchange. All presented swap exchanges allow a smooth switch from BNB to ETH.

Is BNB to ETH Converter Anonymous?

A good swap exchange handles transactions easily and anonymously. No registration or verification is required for a swap from BNB to ETH. One can also swap cryptocurrencies and deposit/withdraw anonymously in Euros.

How long does the swap from BNB to ETH take?

Normally the trade takes about 5-10 minutes. If the transaction fee is low, the trade may take longer exchange. The selected swap exchange must be fast and reliable for the swap website exchange process. In addition, the waiting time may also be longer in case of heavy network load.

Does Binance have a BNB to ETH Binance Bridge?

Yes, the Binance Bridge. The swap with BNB to ETH with Bridge is still under development and can only be used by registered Binance customers. The Binance Bridge is not suitable for anonymous swaps.

Is BNB going to ETH swap to Ledger?

To trade BNB with ETH in the ledger, select one of the presented swap exchanges. The selected BNB can then be exchanged with the swap exchange. The swap exchange can be used either by yourself or by one of the presented providers.

Do you swap BNB to ETH on Binance?

To trade on Binance in a centralized manner, select the appropriate BNB/ETH trading pair under Spot Trading. However, only registered Binance users can trade crypto on Binance. Therefore, Binance is unsuitable for fast and anonymous swaps.

How to swap BNB to ETH on Kucoin?

You can trade BNB with ETH under spot trading on Kucoin. Then you exchange the desired amount of Bitcoins for Binance Coin or vice versa. Very simple.

How to Swap BNB to ETH on Blockchain?

It is not possible to exchange BNB directly with BTC. The two coins are on different blockchains. Therefore, conventional swaps such as Pancakeswap do not work. You have to select a swap exchange from above.

What functionalities are important in crypto swap exchanges?

  • advantageous BTC rate
  • Visually clear interface
  • Low fee models
  • confidentiality of transactions
  • modern data protection system
  • Unlimited transactions

Best way to “Swap BNB to ETH”?

The best way is with an atomic swap or through a swap exchange. The fees are the lowest and the transaction remains anonymous. To do this, you can choose your own or one of the crypto swap providers presented by us.

Is there Coinbase Swap BNB to ETH?

Coinbase has a Coinbase Converter. However, only registered Coinbase users can trade crypto with this converter. An anonymous swap is unfortunately not possible with Coinbase.

BNB to ETH Swap in Metamask?

To swap BNB with ETH in Metamak, select a suitable swap exchange. Then send the selected BNB to the swap exchange and receive the equivalent in ETH with the recipient’s address.

change now swap

BTC to BNB Switch with Swap Exchange Conclusion

A crypto swap exchange must provide secure service and anonymity. In the field of decentralized finance, many companies trade unregulated and decentralized. That’s why we tested the best swap services for security, fees and speed and created this ranking. Last but not least, swap exchanges are another step forward in the development of truly decentralized finance.


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