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Find a business partner in Germany: The 3 best platforms

Finding a co-founder in Germany is not an easy task. It is not easy to find a suitable business partner. In this article, you will find the most popular platforms to find a business partner for your project in Germany.

The best platforms for finding co-founders in Germany

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This platform is built to become the easiest way to find business partners worldwide. It really takes the user by the hand and tries to find a business partner for their idea.

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LinkedIn is a social network for business contacts and for making new business connections. LinkedIn is available in 24 languages and has over 830 million users.

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The Xing platform is a social network for managing professional contacts. Xing is operated by New Work SE in Hamburg. Xing primarily offers a platform for employees, mainly in the DACH region.

These are the best business networks in Germany. These platforms are especially popular among German entrepreneurs. These websites help you to find a co-founder in Germany. But these platforms can also help internationally to meet business partners worldwide.

The best business platforms in detail cofounder finder


Business ideas are particularly easy to post on this platform. TwoGuys is the only platform that takes the user by the hand and tries to find a business partner for ideas. There are already several German entrepreneurs on the platform.

The TwoGuys platform tries to help entrepreneurs find a business partner. At first glance, the platform is reminiscent of Facebook for Business. The website is very simply structured and has many functions to help in the search for business partners.

Pros and cons of TwoGuys

  • Designed to search for business partners
  • Entrepreneurs can be contacted directly
  • TwoGuys is free
  • Very many features
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With 15 million users, Xing is the market leader for business social media. Xing is particularly popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Unfortunately, Xing is not designed to help entrepreneurs find business partners.

Advantages and disadvantages of Xing

  • Xing is free.
  • Xing is very popular in DACH.
  • Unfortunately no function to search for business partners directly.
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This is certainly the best-known platform in our ranking. Linkedin has also gained a foothold in German-speaking countries in recent years.

Of course Linkedin is more than an allrounder business social media platform. Linkedin combines social media, news and business in one platform. Here, too, it is not about finding a business partner.

From our point of view, Linkedin is more adapted to the demands of employees and less suitable for entrepreneurs. Therefore, Linkedin could not achieve a higher ranking here.

Advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn

  • Linkedin is very popular in USA.
  • Offers potential for international networking.
  • Very limited functionality without Premium.
  • Unfortunately no possibility to find business partners directly.

Where can I find co-founders in Germany?

The best platforms are Founderio, Xing and Linkedin. There are also smaller and lesser-known platforms such as MeetUp, START UP SUCHT and Founders Nation.

Nowadays, most co-founders can be found on the Internet. Initial contacts can be made quickly and easily on any of the above-mentioned business platforms. Offline, business partners are often found at events, lectures or universities.

When do you need a co-founder?

It is not mandatory to always have a business partner. However, if your venture exceeds your area of expertise, it makes sense to work with someone. Usually this is done through an investor (who supports you with money and experience) or a co-founder (who supports you with time, money and effort).

What should you look for in Business Partner?

Of course, video chatting or/and personal conversation is recommended to get to know potential partners. A good business partner should be someone who shares your vision, brings value to your business and fits your character.

If you pay attention to these things during your search, you have a good chance of finding a perfect business partner for your next project.

Frequently asked questions about Business Partner in Germany

How do I find a business partner in Germany?

In the business register, you can take a look at most of the business partners once. Here, contact details about existing companies are brought together centrally and can be accessed electronically by anyone. The,, and platforms make it possible to meet new business partners online.

How can I find an investor?

Investors can be found online via the websites LinkedIn, Founders Nation and START UP SUCHT. But also offline via a notice in universities or among acquaintances.


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