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ClickFunnels Test 2021: The 3 steps to earning money

The online marketing tool ClickFunnels is gaining more and more importance. That’s why we decided to create this detailed German guide for ClickFunnels. Here you will learn the most important information on how to use ClickFunnels to earn money.

What do you need to get started?

There are three things you need to start a ClickFunnels business:

  1. An idea for a domain name (this will be the name of your sales page e.g.
  2. A ClickFunnels account (this is the place where your sales page will be stored on the Internet)
  3. Your undivided attention for 30 minutes

Yes, you read that right. You can start selling products with ClickFunnels in less than 30 minutes and we will guide you step by step through the entire process.

In this tutorial we will cover the following:

  • Find & sell a product
  • Create a sales page with ClickFunnels
  • Using ClickFunnels correctly
  • Use Marketing Correctly

Ready? Then let’s get started.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an “all in one” solution for creating landing pages. A landing page is a website that is usually used for marketing, and for selling products. ClickFunnels provides special tools for this purpose. These are for example pre-optimized website funnels, store functionality, and email marketing.

You don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet?

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Why do we use ClickFunnels?

With ClickFunnels, a landing page can be created in just a few clicks. There are many predefined design templates to choose from. This saves time and also gives you the certainty of using a sales-optimized template. The design templates can be saved at any time and used for multiple projects.

Clickfunnels tools and functions at a glance

Earn money with ClickFunnels

In this guide, we explain the business model behind ClickFunnels. The following three steps are necessary to earn money with Clickfunnel.

  1. We choose a product
  2. We create a sales page
  3. We promote the sales page

1.) Product selection

ClickFunnels is designed for the Sales of products optimized: In practice, ClickFunnels is mainly used for the sale of Ebooks & Video courses and to the Collecting email addresses used.

  • You can either sell your own products (classic trade). Suppliers for products e.g. on
  • Or promote the products of others (affiliate marketing). Affiliate partner e.g. on

2.) Create first landing page with ClickFunnels

After registration, you can immediately start creating your first landing page. To do this, select the “Build Funnel” option in the Dashboard menu.

clickfunnel funnelerstellen

From these templates you choose a suitable template for your project. The template can be edited and customized via drag and drop.

Your sales page plays an important role, should look simple and trustworthy. That’s why always use pre-made templates, as these templates have been tested and optimized by ClickFunnels.

Tip: In addition to the many standard design templates, there is a separate Marktplatz for more templates. There you will find an extended selection with many different categories.

Clickfunnels marketplace overview

You have set up the design of your landing page: Now add your product or affiliate link to the button. Now users will be automatically redirected to your offer or to your affiliate partner when they click on it. In case of a successful sale, your affiliate account will be credited with a commission.

clickfunnel webseite erstellen 1

Then click “save” in the top right corner to save and “preview” to view. Congratulations. Your ClickFunnels website is now ready for use.

3.) Promote the ClickFunnels website

There are several ways to advertise your ClickFunnels website. Especially effective is advertising with Facebook Ads and Instagram Influencer.

Tip: The better you put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, the more effective your advertising will be.

Advertising with Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels

Facebook advertising is comparatively cheap and effective. Facebook owns an extremely large amount of user data and specializes in finding customers for you.

In the first phase, you create five ads with 5-10€ ad spend per day. In the interests of your ads, you now cover possible customers. This campaign will run for at least 3 days. Based on the performance of the ads you can now make further decisions. You can deactivate the expensive ads and increase the budget of the cheap ads. The longer an ad is run, the better Facebook can analyze and optimize the ad. Our goal is to generate as many profitable ads and constant revenue as possible in the long run.

Case Study – Example

A well-known example of a successful ClickFunnels and Facebook marketing business is the story of Trey Lewellen. He discovered a product on Amazon and imported it from China. Together with ClickFunnels, he created a sales website and sold millions of copies of his products through it. On YouTube there are numerous videos and interviews about Trey and a documentary about his story.

Conclusion: Experiences with ClickFunnels

The business model (ClickFunnels + Facebook Ads) is established and proven to work. You don’t need money or prior knowledge to get started. The business is very scalable through Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels is a reliable tool. Note: In Facebook marketing, you need to build up long-term knowledge and gain your own experience. Now it’s time for your implementation!


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