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Create your own crypto trading platform: Here’s how

Most people who start a crypto company try to create their own NFT collection. The others simply buy crypto and thus invest in someone else’s ideas.

Starting your own crypto trading platform is something new, unnatural but with business potential from Binance, Coinbase and Co. Here are some examples of how something like this could look in its simplest form.

Crypto platform as a business model:

A crytp exchange earns through transaction fees. Whenever a user exchanges one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency, he has to pay transaction fees. For each transaction, the crypto exchange earns a percentage of the exchanged amount. It’s quite simple: the more daily transactions, the more revenue.

How to create a crypto exchange

In this article you will learn the basics to create a crypto trading platform. The following steps are necessary to successfully build your own crypto exchange. Let’s go

krypto tausch plattfrom erstellen

1. Register domain for the crypto platform

Find a service to buy an inexpensive domain and web space. The domain should be easy to remember and ideally related to crypto trading. The web space is needed to make your crypto exchange website accessible on the Internet.

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2. Create crypto trading platform website

The way to “program” your own crypto trading platform website can be divided into the following steps.

  1. Create a simple WordPress website.
  2. You don’t have to program the software to trade cryptocurrencies yourself. The big trading platforms give you the possibility to use their software on your own website. The complex cryptocurrency exchange process is performed by the external exchange partner. One can thus use the best software of the very big players in the industry on one’s own website and get on average 50-80% of the transaction fees.
  3. With the crypto trading software providers, e.g. or, you can register as a partner for free and then integrate their software for crypto exchange with code or plugin on your own website.
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Once you have created the first version of a simple WordPress or HTML website and successfully integrated the code/plugin for the swap application, you should immediately start branding/marketing.

3. Marketing for crypto exchanges

There are many people who are looking for an independent and anonymous crypto exchange. The marketing strategy to reach these people is up to your own creativity. 

  • Most new crypto companies advertise for free on Twitter and Reddit. 
  • According to our own data, many of our clients advertise on Tiktok, in Facebook groups, email branding, blogging and influencer branding.
  • In the long run, some clients have completely outsourced marketing or hired freelancers for marketing.

Conclusion: Crypto trading platform as a business

Now anyone can create their own crypto exchange. Being able to leverage this technology from other companies opens up unprecedented opportunities. Anyone can now grow into the next big crypto trading platform and profit from the crypto hype.

For us, a crypto exchange is the most unconventional and best way to start a crypto company today. Nevertheless, it is up to everyone to believe in the growth of crypto and trading in the future.


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