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Find the best NFT projects (2022): Tips & Tricks

The sooner you become aware of a good NFT project, the better the chances of maximum value appreciation. We reveal our tips to find the best NFT projects.

New NFT projects at a glance

Many people are looking for promising NFT projects every day. New projects often sign up on the Rarity list. Most new projects sign up on Rarity and build a community on Twitter and Reddit.

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Most people are looking for NFTs with use cases. These are projects that have real-life applications such as Launchpad, Play2Earn, and DAO. Such NFT projects have the potential to increase their value extremely.

Current overview of all NFT projects

The entire overview of the current crypto market is provided by the NFT market chart on Opensea. This overview includes the NFT market of all blockchains and marketplaces.

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Find current NFT top performers

To find NFTs with particularly fast increases in value, we use the chart display of Cryptoslam. There you can find the percentage increase of all NFTs within the last 24 hours.

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Buy and sell NFTs

We look there for high-value NFT collections with growth potential. When a collection starts to increase in value, we look for which marketplace offers the NFT of this collection. We then buy an NFT there and then hold it in our wallet. When the demand for a collection decreases, we sell the project or hold the NFT long-term.

Follow NFT Tipster on Twitter

An active Twitter community is a mandatory requirement for new crypto projects. To take advantage of Twitter, one can follow good crypto investors and monitor their engagement. Such individuals often tweet about new coins and NFTs.

Anyone who wants can follow the same accounts as me (the writer of this article) on Twitter. These NFT investors have a good track record and share useful knowledge.

It is important to use the presented tools carefully to gain your own experience. From this, you develop your own strategy and invest only as much as you would be willing to lose. With this, nothing stands in the way of your success in NFT trading!


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