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Guide 2022: Go from $10 to $1k/d with Google Ads strategy

This article is a testimonial from @ManualCPC about Google Ads. How to find $100,000/per month products with a $10 investment. I used this method to launch 5 businesses at once for over $1k per day each.

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[1/12] Requirements

I would first like to share this image as proof of this method. This shot is 100% from Google search ads and I was able to get 5 stores over 1k$ days.

Let’s get right to it!

[2/12] Keywords everywhere

If you are using Google Ads or any other advertising platform, you can use this $10 Google Ads strategy to find upcoming products and find current trends based on search volume. I have successfully launched products on Google, TikTok, etc. using this method.

[3/12] Criteria

I am only looking for products:

  1. Search volume of 5,000+ per month.
  2. Demand in Google search is trending towards an all-time high.
  3. Keyword must be specific.

Some examples are “Magnetic privacy door”, “Sticky bra” and “Ice roller for face”.

[4/12] Specific keywords

A specific keyword is when all shopping offers to match a specific item. An example of a seasonal product with a specific keyword would be “expandable garden hose” because all Shopping offers to match a specific product.

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[5/12] Trend products

Trending products will not last forever. They might be better for beginners or people who want to make their first money online. I would only recommend looking for trending products if you know you will be creating a short-term business with them.

[6/12] Seasonal products

Seasonal products are great for beginners because it is one of the best ways to get started with Google Ads. The biggest Google Ads account I have ever joined sells seasonal products. So it’s possible to make a lot of money with this approach.

[7/12] Evergreen products

Evergreen products last forever and usually have a search volume of over 50,000 searches per month with constant growth over the years. Some products on Google can last for years. If you are more experienced, I recommend you strive for these products.

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[8/12] When to sell the product

Sell your product right when the search term starts to rise. If you sell through search ads, the keyword must reach or approach an all-time high. For Shopping ads, you can use more stable keywords with a larger search volume.

[9/12] How to set the price for your product

After testing more than 100 products on Google, I can safely say that $16-60 works best for product pages and search ads. If you use funnels or use the shopping network, you can sell more expensive products

[10/12] Analysis of the competition

You can get a competitive analysis by checking orders per day with a secondary tool called Seller Pulse. You can also use any Adspy tools to see if anyone is actively running ads. If you have a small budget, you can use TikTok search to find competitors.

[11/12] Start display / analyze data

I expect a minimum of 100 clicks per test. When the product is tested on Google, I want to see an ATC rate of 5-7% and a CVR of 2-4% for a product in the $16-60 price range. The ATC % and CVR % may change for higher-priced product tests.

[12/12] Now you know my Google Ads strategy

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