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Luke Belmar: The Business Capital Club Platform

A turbo start with Dropshipping and a fortune with crypto. The business influencer Luke Belmar has made a name for himself. Now he’s on the cusp of his new venture. A platform to connect business partners and here is the latest info about it.

Find business partners with Luke Belmar

This project is a platform to find business partners worldwide. You can register free of charge and publish posts to find business partners.

This platform is about building a community of entrepreneurs and build up a business network. You can post ideas there for free and apply for ideas from other users. The advantage is that you can contact others directly. To see all users with a higher subscription you can upgrade to a premium subscription.

Here is my review video of his website.

Luke Belmar founded this website to connect business partners worldwide. He himself can use it to help others do business and earn money himself.

Why is Luke Belmar creating Capital Club?

Luke is a businessman and knows that he has a great reach with young and business interested male followers. He has recognized the trend and wants to use his reach to create a platform to connect his followers.

For his followers, however, this platform should be a great opportunity to get in touch with him or with other founders from all over the world.

Who is Luke Belmar?

Luke Belmar is a business internet personality who was born in Argentina and emigrated to the US.

He moved to the US at the age of 16 with only $200 and a suitcase.

The first few years were tough for him as he was forced to work odd jobs and sell door-to-door.

He worked hard and enrolled in university, but it wasn’t long before he dropped out and took a “traditional job”, which he then quit.

In 2016, Luke Belmar started running Facebook ads for advertising agencies, where he earned money by creating paid ads. He then started taking on clients and eventually quit his job to become an entrepreneur.

He started his businesses with the knowledge he had gained from working in digital advertising, but admitted that it was difficult because it was new to him.

According to their own statements, this business has led him to ecommerce. There he was able to build up some dropshipping businesses.

With the trend of cryptocurrencies, he identified an opportunity. He got into crypto investing and invested all his money in crypto assets in 2020, just before the crypto bubble started. He claims to have multiplied his assets especially with small coin projects from Binance.

The goal of Luke Belmar’s club platform

The company vision was articulated by Luke Belmar on LinkedIn as follows:

“Capital Club was built to become the world’s largest decentralized entrepreneurial network focused on creating, multiplying, and preserving wealth and opportunity for all its members and partners.”

For this purpose, some developers and project managers from significant companies were added to this project as workers on LinkedIn. I am curious how this business partner platform will develop.

Conclusion: Luke’s Network for Capital

Luke Belmar is an internet influencer who may have managed to become financially free in his early twenties. He often flaunts his wealth and experiences on YouTube and Instagram to grow his community.

By his own admission, Luke Belmar is worth more than $10 million, which he has earned from his e-commerce businesses as well as investments in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

He is the co-founder of a new business partner club, an online network of entrepreneurs.


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