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Home Page The Moon Carl Bonus 2022: Phemex, Bybit & Binance

The Moon Carl Bonus 2022: Phemex, Bybit & Binance

the moon carl kanalThe Moon is a well-known crypto Youtube channel. In the videos The Moon Carl talks about Bitcoin trading and gives price predictions. The Moon Carl often talks about the following bonus links for signing up on crypto trading platforms.

The Moon Carl Bonus: Phemex, Bybit & Binance

Updated The Moon Carl Referral Links (Update: 04.02.2022)

The referral links of The Moon Carl lead to the crypto exchanges Phemex, Bybit or Binance. To trade cryptocurrencies you need to register on a crypto exchange. For registering with the bonus link of Carl from The Moon you get free credits and pay less trading fees on all future trades.

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How to play: Get The Moon Carl Bonus

Get The Moon Carl Bonus in just a few minutes. Here’s how it works 1.) Follow the invitation links. 2.) Register on the Crypto Exchange. 3.) Make your initial deposit. 4.) Receive the bonus.

Click on the invitation link

Clicking on the bonus link above will take you directly to the Crypto Exchange.


Now you have to register at the exchange with your data. To complete the registration, you must verify your identity (e.g. photo ID).

Make a deposit

After verification, you buy cryptos. This is possible by credit card or bank transfer.

Receive bonus

Now you are qualified for the signup bonus. The bonus will now be paid out to your account.

#1 Phemex Bonus

For its Ethereum trades, The Moon Carl uses Phemex and Bybit. Phemex is particularly suitable for trading cryptocurrencies quickly, safely and easily. The Phemex platform is suitable for spot and leveraged trading. According to The Moon Carl, when you sign up on Phemex, you will receive a bonus of $4100.

#2 Bybit Bonus

The Moon Carl often films his trades in his Youtube videos. Thereby, one can recognize either the trading platform Bybit or Phemex. Since the beginning of his career, The Moon Carl promotes the crypto exchange Bybit. On Bybit, Carl from The Moon often uses the function to trade Bitcoin with leverage. According to the current information provided by The Moon Carl, when signing up on Bybit he receives his bonus of $4100 as a gift.

#3 Binance Bonus

According to its data, MMCrypto uses Binance to invest in altcoins. Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world and has the largest selection of altcoins. If you already have a Binance account, you can easily create an account for a family member and get the bonus from The Moon Carl. According to The Moon Carl’s information, after signing up on Binance, one will receive a bonus of $710 as a gift.

Carl Runefelt Bonus

The Moon is a well-known crypto influencer. As a well-known influencer, you get the best bonus link offers. Small Influencers and individuals have no way to promote these bonus deals. If someone registers through the bonus links the Influencer gets a commission. The invited user has no disadvantages because of this. The Moon Carl invitation links offer the best possible signup bonus. So a positive deal for both parties.

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Future The Moon to The Floor Carl

The Moon was the previous name of crypto influencer, Carl. With the fall of Bitcoin, Carl has changed his name from Moon to Floor. His Youtube video structure has also changed somewhat. Instead of uploading videos, The Moon Carl just live streams more. It remains exciting how the market continues to develop and look forward to crypto Carl’s future projects.


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