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The 3 main platforms for selling websites

When selling a startup, be careful. It is not only the numbers of your company but also the marketplace that determines your success in selling. This article is about the best three ways to sell a company on the Internet.


More than 100,000+ StartUp’s worldwide have already been sold on this marketplace. There you get free access to more than 100,000 active and trusted buyers. In just 30 days, many Startups are already sold there at very good prices.


Flippa is the most popular online business sales platform. Its popularity naturally attracts buyers. However, a big disadvantage of Flippa is that you have to pay money to list your business there. Despite these costs, Flippa is a well-known way to sell a StartUp.


E-commerce stores are sold on this marketplace. More precisely, Shopify stores are traded there. Exchangemarketplace is the best way to sell a Shopify store.

Marketplace to sell StartUp

The best marketplace to sell your business is by a direct offer. This means that a big company makes you a direct offer for your StartUp. The message for this will be sent by email.

Startups can also be actively offered via said marketplaces. It is important to offer a reputable platform with good business figures and prices.

Conclusion StartUp sell

It is not easy to find a serious buyer. That’s why it’s even more important that the platform has laid a good foundation for this. These marketplaces have proven that startup sales are also possible online.


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