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Swap ETH to BTC – The best swaps

To date, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest and best-known cryptocurrencies. To exchange ETH for BTC quickly and without registration, a crypto swap exchange is recommended.

The best crypto swaps for ETH to BTC

changenow swap service
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Swap ETH to BTC
swapzone swap service
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Swap ETH to BTC
simpleswap swap service
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Swap ETH to BTC

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(Updated: 04.12.2021)

With a crypto exchange, you can anonymously trade ETH to BTC and exchange to many other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (peer-to-peer) and ETH (Ethereum Mainnet) run on different blockchains.

With these swap exchanges, you can exchange the following crypto trading pairs: ETH to BNB or ETH to BTC or BNB to BTC or BNB to ETH or BTC to BNB or BTC to ETH.

A swap such as Uniswap or Pancakeswap can only exchange tokens within its own blockchain. Therefore, it is not possible to exchange Bitcoin and Ethereum via such token swaps. This is where the crypto exchange comes into play.


The crypto exchange automatically checks the best Ethereum to Bitcoin exchange rate and swaps the coins. Swap platforms are especially popular among users with crypto coins on external wallets such as Truswallet. On Trustwallet it is otherwise not possible to trade coins directly, quickly, and easily among each other. The ranking of presented swaps is regularly checked and updated for price performance, usability and security.

Switch ETH to BTC – Let’s Go

In order to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum, you first choose a crypto swap exchange. The exact procedure for exchanging ETH for BTC is explained by the respective swap service directly before the exchange is carried out. The exchange can be performed both from the PC and from the smartphone.

eth btc swap

Important: A profitable swap is not only a fast exchange but also a profitable one with low fees. Before each swap, crypto swap providers show the transaction fees incurred. The exchange procedure works as follows.

  1. Enter the number of ETH you want to exchange for BTC.
  2. Enter the wallet address to receive ETH.
  3. Atomic swap exchange (ETH are released after the user receives BTC).
  4. Transaction completed.

The system automatically calculates how much BTC you will receive as a minus fee. In case of any difficulties, the process can be canceled or technical customer support can be used. On a crypto swap exchange, you can anonymously buy ETH with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, and bank transfer.

Explanation of ETH to BTC Swap Exchanges

If you are looking for a convenient and anonymous place to convert Ethereum to Bitcoin, a crypto exchange, besides Atomic Swaps, is the only way to do it. These online ETH to BTC exchanges select the most profitable exchange rate. The whole process is transparent and goes as follows.

swap btc to eth

On a crypto swap exchange you don’t have to register nor are you forced to disclose any data. You have the possibility to stay completely anonymous. With the crypto swap service, you can easily swap coins directly, which would otherwise only be possible through a crypto exchange. Users can swap all available cryptocoins. On average, you can choose from over 200 different coins.

ETH to BTC with swap exchange

Anyone who wants to invest in ETH and BTC needs to choose a platform or exchange to buy cryptocurrencies. On a crypto swap exchange, you can swap many different cryptocurrency pairs, including BTC and ETH.

Crypto Exchanges and Swap Exchanges are decentralized and unregulated companies. In the crypto space, almost all companies trade independently of authorities and the state. Therefore, it is even more important to check the crypto swap provider. That is why we have compared the best swap services here for security, fees and speed and created this comparison of the best swap providers.

swap btc eth chart

rofitable ETH to BTC Trading

Before users invest in ETH or BTC, they should keep an eye on the price chart. Tradingview’s BTC/ETH chart is suitable for this purpose. The chart view provides the investor with all the useful tools to correctly process the available data and switch ETH at the best time. Users can watch the price changes there in real-time mode. This data is useful to identify the current trend on the crypto market and increases the chance for profitable trading.

FAQ: 13 questions about ETH to BTC swap

How long does the ETH to BTC swap take?

A swap exchange must ensure that the exchange process on the website is fast and reliable. Usually the exchange process takes about 5-10 minutes. Depending on the transaction fees paid, the exchange may take longer. In addition, the waiting time can also be longer in case of heavy network load. In this case, you can contact the support to find out the reason for the delay.

Is ETH to BTC Converter Anonymous?

A good swap exchange requires the user’s email address at most. For an ETH to BTC swap, neither registration nor verification is necessary. The transaction remains anonymous.

How does an ETH to BTC swap work in Trustwallet?

Trustwallet does not allow you to exchange coins quickly and easily. To do this, it is recommended to use one of the presented swap exchanges.

Does Binance have an ETH to BTC Binance Bridge?

Yes the Binance Bridge. The swap with ETH to BTC Bridge is still under development and can only be used by registered Binance customers. Therefore, this swap is not suitable for anonymous transactions.

eth kaufen mit swapservice

Do you swap ETH to BTC on Binance?

To trade on Binance, select the appropriate BTC/ETH trading pair under Spot Trading. However, only registered Binance users can trade crypto on Binance and therefore it is unfortunately unsuitable for fast and anonymous swaps.

Does ETH to BTC Swap Go on Ledger?

To trade ETH with BTC in the ledger, select one of the presented swap exchanges. You can then swap the selected ETH with the swap exchange and send the equivalent value in BTC Coin to the ledger recipient address. Simply select a swap at the beginning of the article and follow the instructions on the respective website.

How to Swapt ETH to BTC on Blockchain?

It is not possible to exchange ETH directly with BTC. The two coins are on different blockchains. Therefore, conventional swaps such as Pancakeswap do not work. You have to select a swap exchange from above.

kryptoswap pancake uniswap

How to swap ETH to BTC on Kucoin?

You can trade ETH with BTC under spot trading on Kucoin. Then you exchange the desired amount of Bitcoins for Ethereum or vice versa. Simple.

Is there Coinbase Swap ETH to BTC?

Yes Coinbase has the Coinbase Converter. However, only registered Coinbase users can trade crypto on Coinbase. An anonymous swap is not possible.

What is Bitcoin Ethereum Atomic Swap?

Atomic Swap, is the possibility for the direct exchange of BTC and ETH between two parties without the need for a third party to interpose. The crypto swap exchanges we presented above work according to this principle.

ETH to BTC Swap in Metamask?

To swap ETH with BTC in Metamak, select a suitable swap exchange. Then you send the selected ETH to the swap exchange and receive the current equivalent value in BTC at the recipient’s address.

Best way “to Swap ETH to BTC”?

The best way is with an atomic swap or through a swap exchange. The fees are the lowest and the transaction remains anonymous. To do this, you can choose your own or one of the crypto swap providers presented by us.

What functionalities are important in crypto swap exchanges?

  • advantageous BTC ETH rate;
  • Visually clear inferface;
  • Low fee models;
  • Confidentiality of transactions;
  • modern data protection system;
  • Unlimited transactions;

Conclusion: Bitcoin and Ethereum Swap Exchanges

A crypto swap exchange must provide secure service and anonymity. Users must be able to perform unlimited swaps and need reliable live support in case of questions.

In DEFI, many companies trade unregulated and decentralized. That is why we have tested the best swap services for security, fees and speed and created this ranking. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check the presented swap providers yourself before using them. Last but not least, swap exchanges are another step forward in the development of true financial decentralization.


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