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TikTok Guide 2022 – How to to make money – Tips & Tricks

How we went from 0-100k followers in 30 days.

Let’s get started!

Okay – So first we found a brand new product on Aliexpress (while scrolling on Aliexpress).

This product had never existed on Tiktok.

I couldn’t find a single video about it.

  • Eye-catching
  • Satisfying
  • Low price
  • Untapped market

Almost all of the criteria were met immediately with this.

suche tiktok

I ordered the product immediately and started creating the website.

After a few days, the website was created and the product arrived.

Now it was time to start creating content.

Set up the TikTok account and chose a clean username.

Now I usually look for viral videos of the product that I want to replicate. But since this product has never been promoted on TikTok, there were no viral TikToks of it that we could replicate. So we were looking for viral TikToks in the niche. Looking for viral videos of similar products.

We found 5 viral videos and started to recreate them with our spin. Adding “controversy.” Instead of trying to get sales right away now.

We wrote in our bio “Launching at 1,000 Followers” instead of trying to get sales right away.

tiktok bio

This was to help build some awareness and hype around our account. Then it was time:

We uploaded our first video, and it was a quick hit = 100k views.

We uploaded three more videos that day. After 24 hours we had 1,000 followers and then put the link in the bio.

This is why we always want to have the website created ahead of time. Because if we hadn’t done that, we would have missed out on about $1,000 in sales. So our account was doing well, the videos were hitting 50,000, 100,000, and 200,000 views and the first sales were starting to come in.

But nothing crazy so far. So we continued to upload 4 videos a day. We started testing different video formats and trends. For the next two weeks, things were going well, we had around 20,000 followers and views were steady.

Then boom, one video reached 2 million views.

views tiktok dashboard

We started to mimic this trend in every way we could. Because of this trend, we gained over 40,000 followers in a single day. In addition, we reached our highest sales day ever. As you can see, this is not a secret recipe.

I think it was two things in particular that allowed us to do this. Untapped product (something people haven’t seen yet) and testing until we found the right trend and then followed it.


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