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MMCrypto Bonus 2022: Phemex, Bybit & Binance

mmcrypto youtube banner MMCrypto is a well-known crypto Youtube channel. In the videos MMCrypto Chris talks about bitcoin trading and gives price predictions. Among the videos of MMCrypto there are the following bonus links for signing up on crypto trading platforms.

MMCrypto Bonus

Updated MMCrypto Referral Links (Update: 04.02.2022)

The referral links of MMCrypto lead to the crypto exchanges Phemex, Bybit and Binance. To trade cryptocurrencies, you have to register on a crypto exchange. For registering with the bonus link of MMCrypto you get free credits and you pay less trading fees on all future trades.

mmcrypto phemex

Instructions: Get MMCrypto Bonus

Get the MMCrypto bonus in just a few minutes. Here’s how it works 1.) Follow the invitation links. 2.) Register on the Crypto Exchange. 3.) Make your initial deposit. 4.) Receive the bonus.

Click on the invitation link

To get the bonus you have to follow an invitation link. One-click will take you directly to the Crypto Exchange.


Once you have arrived at the exchange, you must register with your data. To complete the registration process, you usually need to verify your identity, for example, with a photo ID.

Make a deposit

After verification, you can deposit money. Mostly this is possible by credit card or bank transfer.

Receive bonus

Now you have qualified for the signup bonus. The bonus will be credited to your account.

#1 Phemex Bonus from MMCrypto

According to insiders, Phemex is the better alternative to Bybit. For its trades, MMCrypto uses Bybit and Phemex. Both platforms are particularly suitable for trading cryptocurrencies with leverage. Both platforms are of course also suitable for spot trading. According to current information from MMCrypto, a bonus of $4100 is given with the registration on Phemex.

#2 Bybit Bonus from MMCrypto

Since the beginning of his career, MMCrypto has been promoting the crypto exchange Bybit. MMCrypto Chris often films his trades in his videos. Thereby, one could recognize either the trading platform Bybit or Phemex. Mostly MMCrypto uses Bybit for his Bitcoin trades with leverage. According to the current information from MMCrypto, a bonus of 4100$ is given with the registration on Bybit.

#3 Binance Bonus from MMCrypto

Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world. According to MMCrypto, it uses Binance to invest in altcoins. To get the bonus, one needs to create a new account and make an initial deposit. If you already have an account, you could create an account for a family member and still receive the MMCrypto bonus. According to MMCrypto’s information, after signing up on Binance, one will receive a bonus of $710 as a gift.

mmcrypto youtube

Christopher Jaszczynski is a well-known influencer. As a crypto influencer, MMCrypto gets offered the best bonus links by crypto exchanges. With these invite links, MMCrypto can offer the best signup bonus possible.

Small influencers and individuals often have no way to promote these bonus deals. If someone registers via the bonus links, MMCrypto receives a commission. But the invited user has no disadvantages because of that. The bonus money can be used without any restrictions. So a positive deal for both parties.

Who is MMCrypto Chris?

It all started with the MMCrypto Youtube channel. The trading course, crypto merch, and the NFT collection came later. Now Christopher Jaszczynski has also founded his Bitcoin investment fund. Despite being an influencer, MMCrypto regularly launches new projects. The latest crypto thing is already in the starting blocks and is called Vlaunch. Here is an overview of MMCrypto’s current projects (as of 01/02/2021):

  • Youtubekanal
  • Trainding Kurs
  • Merch & NFTs
  • Investitionsfond
  • VLaunch StartUp
mmcrypto vlauch

MMCrypto future

The new project is called Vlaunch. Vlaunch is to become a launchpad platform for new crypto projects. Subsequently, the token (VPad) will be launched. With the VPad Token new projects can be Coins of IDO projects to staken. Christopher Jaszczynski announced the launch on Twitter. We remain curious about how Vlaunch will develop further and look forward to future projects from MMCrypto.


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