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Home Page Business Test 2022: Experience with Manjeet Singh Sangha

Business Test 2022: Experience with Manjeet Singh Sangha

Name Manjeet Singh Sangha
Coachings DSU & DSU Platinum
(2.4 / 5 with 6 votes)
Price 247$ (Video course)
1499$ (1:1 Mentoring)
Description This is about the dropshipping business model. First, an online store is created. When the customer orders a product in the store, the store operator does not ship the product himself, but orders the product directly from a mostly Chinese wholesaler, who then ships it directly to the customer.

The course of Officialrichteen

Officialrichteen’s name is Manjeet Sangha and he is a business coach. As Officialrichteen, he markets courses about dropshipping business on Instagram. This article is about our experience with his coaching.

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Course content of Manjeet Singh Sangha

Manjeet Sangha’s “Dropshipping University” course is about dropshipping. When the customer orders a product in the store, the store operator does not ship the product himself, but simply orders the product from a wholesaler, who then ships it directly to the customer.

The only thing that bothers us is that there is no direct contact with Manjeet at the Dropshipping University. Manjeet Singh Sangha will therefore not contribute to the success of each student.the course is a “shortcut to success”.

We do not believe that there is a shortcut for this. We find such statements rather problematic. Many gurus through earn more by selling courses than with their originally advertised dropshipping business.

Want to start with Dropshipping in the long term?

I say quite clearly: I sell a shop template. It won’t make anyone rich overnight, but my shop system can sustainably increase your customer satisfaction. The template offers features such as a customer login area for more repeated purchases, an SEO schema markup for increased visibility on Google, and an automated order email flow to support your customers after the purchase.

I programmed this template together with a colleague. Our template is already being used by and several other German companies. The theme is particularly suitable for people who focus on customer satisfaction and want an all-in-one shop system with many sales-promoting features.

Here is my installation video for it.

Who is Manjeet Singh Sangha?

His family originates from India and immigrated to Germany 30 years ago. At a young age, Manjeet started his first dropshipping business. Now he offers dropshipping courses and coaching.

Dropshipping University by Manjeet Sangha: Recommendation to buy yes/no?

Dropshipping University is a video course. The DSU is sold on via the payment provider CopeCart. In the imprint is the name ‘’ and in the company, a register is registered as a German limited liability company. In case of dissatisfaction, the money can be demanded back with a declaration of revocation.

In the Dsuplatinum one has then contact with Manjeet. However, only with others together in a group. We have tested whether Manjeet Sangha is reachable on Instagram via Officialrichteen. On our message, we received so far (three weeks) no answer. In a course for 1500€ we would like to see better support. For the DSU Platinum, Manjeet does not offer a money-back guarantee.

We recommend asking people who have been through the course before buying. If there are any questions or uncertainties, we would recommend not buying or switching to an alternative course.

Frequently Asked Questions about Manjeet Singh Sangha

How old is Manjeet Singh Sangha?

Manjeet became an entrepreneur at 17. At 18, he became an influencer and dropshipping coach.

How much does the Manjeet Singh Sangha course cost?

Manjeet’s course is called Dropshipping University and costs 247€. The DSU Platinum is his 1:1 coaching and costs around 1499€.


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